Sunday, November 9, 2008

All The Rage

From reading other blogs and posts, etc. it seems that going to the ER was all the rage so we decided to join in. Words of advice . . . do not let your little ones try to cook pancakes when they are only 5 months old. As excited as they might get and however much they want to help (cook or eat), this is definitely not a good idea. The result? A sad baby with a burned hand, a trip to the ER, and wound treatment for several days. Once Dacey got over the initial pain and received a blessing, she has been great! Her poor little chubby hand that I love - it is getting special treatment everyday and she gets to have a mitt for a hand to hit me with. Dacey has been amazing. By the time the doctor at the ER saw her, she was laughing and talking. The only time she seems bothered by her hand is when the therapist is cleaning it, even then she doesn't cry every time. Today she entertained herself during the process by gnawing on her helper's hand. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse and that it doesn't hurt her.

After the ER

After a couple days of treatment. We still have about a week to go, maybe.Not so happy to be here.
We spent the day with cousins in Nashville to watch the BYU game. The exciting part for all the girls? Touchdown chocolate! Although the thrill was gone once the reeses cups were. It's just fun that we can drive a little and be able to have fun with family.
Hangin' with Uncle Stan

Camden seems to lose a tooth each time we visit. She now has what Greg calls an "Alabama Smile" She is so excited and has informed me that until she has teeth again, she needs her apples sliced. And not just one slice like I like to do.

Ashlen would probably do just about anything for a "sucka"!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet the Flintstones

For the 8 years that we've been married, Greg has wanted us to dress up for Halloween as a family. This year he finally had an idea early enough that we could try to work with. I am not the seamstress, but I managed to make everyone's costumes (except my own). I even made a hat for Bam-Bam. The girls loved their costumes and being a part of their own pretend families. So. . . meet the Flintstones and the Rubbles.



The Rubbles in full gear on Halloween.



The Flintstones (Camden practiced her photography skills for this one!)

Since the Young Men didn't do a haunted house or spook alley for the Trunk-or-Treat this year, Greg finally got to decorate our "trunk" like he has wanted to. Here is the final result. Notice the deceased . . . Troy and Gabriella won't be around for a HSM 4 at our house!

Brynn was not too sure about subjecting Troy to this display. She could've cared less about Gabriella!

We took full advantage of Halloween festivities this year, but it was too much effort to use our "real" costumes every time. Here is our cowgirl rounding up her cattle, the bumblebee and our knight in shining armor for the fall festival at the YMCA.

Dacey playing dress up!


Is there a better way to say Happy Halloween than with a rice crispy treat pumpkin? I didn't get to carve a real one with the rest of the family, so here is my contribution.
These are the few pictures I tried to post last week and did not succeed. But they were too cute to forget about. One, or a few of my favorite things about Dacey are her chubby little fingers and toes. Can you tell which is which?

I tried holding off on the cereal so that Greg could be home to take the "first time eating" pictures. Well, Dacey was hungry! So here are the pictures I took of me feeding her for the first time! Not too bad for either one of us.

That's a lot for one time, but since I never do anything with the hundreds of pictures that I take, I'm finally taking advantage of the opportunity to share them with others. Now if I only let others know that these pictures are here.