Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I loved today (Sunday)

* Dinner someone else cooked AND paid for!
* Raspberries on a cute baby belly.
* Dessert
* The joy of simple things to my children. Who else would have such enjoyment come from running around the house with a helium balloon?
* The look of happiness on Dacey's face because of the balloons floating by her. Or when she is playing on the bed. Or when she's playing in the bathtub. Or... this list could go on.
* Backrubs. I am always up for a good back rub, but I am not sure that I am too the point that I will take whatever I can get. For instance - Ashlen was sitting on my back yesterday and was rocking back and forth. Out of her mouth: "Mom, I'm just rubbing your back - with my bum bum!"
* My family!! :)