Saturday, January 21, 2012

Special Baby Boy

Jaren Max

Our 1st boy was born on January 13th at 12:09 p.m..  It was Friday the 13th -  a day my Grampy considered lucky and a day that my fortune cookie said would be lucky.  We would have to agree.  We are very lucky to have this little baby boy as part of our family.  He had a little bit of a rough start, beginning before birth.  I was supposed to be induced but he didn't like my contractions.  So the doctor went the "more natural" route and just broke my water instead.  Jaren really didn't need much help in coming.  His struggle was keeping his oxygen level up high enough.  He has spent 8 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) waiting for his lungs to develop a little more.  I think we have finally hit that point.  He has been breathing on his own for over 24 hours with really good numbers.  The girls have had a difficult time with him not coming home - especially Brynn.  They love him and just want him home.  Luckily, this NICU allows siblings to visit for 15 minutes a day, as long as they are 3 years old.  They at least get to come and say hi and give him some love.  Brynn seems to be having the hardest time.  I think she kind of considers him hers.
We have been blessed with a very special boy.  I think Heavenly Father must have a lot of faith in us - or knows we had a great need.  Our little Jaren has down syndrome.  My first thoughts, when we were told it was very probable, were those of worry and sadness over the possible problems he would face over his lifetime, especially since a little friend of ours who has downs had just spent most of this past year fighting leukemia.  It's scary and overwhelming when you start to consider everything that he could have.  Tests were run while he has been in the NICU so we know that his heart is good.  There is a very small hole (4mm) that should heal itself over the next few months.  He could've had eating problems, but he eats like a champ.  He doesn't seem to have any real health issues.  That doesn't mean he won't, but we are not going to spend our time worrying about what might happen.  We have 5 kids.  I think I'd go insane if I spent time worrying about what might happen to or with any one of them. 
What we do understand is that this little guy is supposed to be with our family.  We had always figured that we would have 4 kids.  But after the 4th came, neither one of us had the feeling that we were done.  There was someone else waiting to come to our family.  Jaren is what you would call a "special needs" child.  I think Heavenly Father understood that our family had special needs.  :)  We needed a boy.  check.  Greg and I both have talked about needing to be more patient and loving and not yell so much.  I think this little guy is going to help us accomplish that.  We needed extra love and humility.  check.
We are all thrilled to have this little guy finally here.  We can't wait to see how he grows and experience what he has to offer.
Welcome to the family little Jaren Max.