Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adventures in Arizona (among other things)

On the day after Christmas, we packed up Grandpa's "big van" and took off on a trek across the country. Destination - Maricopa, Arizona to visit Uncle Adam, Aunt Karina and the kids. Greg was fortunate enough to have to work, so he got to fly. The rest of us spent 2 1/2 days traveling 1800 miles. The girls were terrific! I don't think I can think of any complaints that any of us had about the drive (other than it being 1800 miles!) I can mention that we have put away the new Tinkerbell, Ariel's Beginning, and Sleeping Beauty DVDs that we got for Christmas. I think that maybe the girls could recite them by heart if asked. But the trip was great. We got to spend time with my brother and his family for almost a week. The kids had a terrific time together and of course, didn't want the trip to end. This was the first time in about 3 years that all of the family has been together at one time. We are glad that Adam and Karina were willing to open up their home to 8 travellers so that we could come visit.
While the trip there and back was an adventure, we had a few other adventures in between and since we've been back.

We went to visit on "Old West" town called RAWHIDE. We got to see a gun show, ride a stagecoach and burro, and end the evening having a taste of the desert - RATTLESNAKE!
Everyone waiting for our appetizer of RATTLESNAKE!
Brynn, Ashlen, Camden & Braden
Martin, Grandma, Grandpa & Dacey
Grandpa with Dacey
Everyone was brave enough to have a bite. Actually, all of the kids wanted seconds! I don't remember snake being on the do not feed list, so even Dacey got to have a taste!
Karina and Adam

We got to venture out on our own (remember we came with Grandma & Grandpa) and go visit Greg's Uncle Jay and his wife Jennifer. They were kind enough to let us come visit with only a day or so's notice. Greg hadn't seen them since he was 14. Of course, the rest of us had only seen pictures. We got to visit and go to lunch with them. The highlight for the girls was the orange tree they had in the backyard. The girls got to pick their own oranges to take home with us. They were so excited that we ended up with 3 bags full!
Uncle Jay, Greg, Ashlen
Camden, Jennifer with Dacey and Brynn
I helped Dacey pick her orange.
Ashlen working hard to get hers.
Brynn showing off her pick.
Camden picking the grapefruit size orange that she found and was so proud of.


Ashlen's hair is always an adventure. We're never quite sure how wild looking she'll be each day. This morning was particularly fun. She had a nice combo of bedhead and static. I don't think the picture quite does it justice!
We were mouth-open amazed at how different she looks without curly hair.

Even Dacey is not left out of the fun.

Who knew what could be done with poncho?


Brynn getting her game face on!
Poor Daddy never has a chance. He'll always be outnumbered!
Dacey was referee

Last, but not least - Brynn started preschool this week. She was so excited to go to school and have a bus with her name on it, her own tote bage, and to finally get to use her Spongebob lunchbox that she picked when Camden went back to school.